ActiveCampaign – Automation + CRM

ActiveCampaign is the software platform for your customer experience automations, which combines the email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM categories. It is the hub of the whole system.


There is a free level, but it comes with a sending limit and no Shopping Cart integrations, which means you’ll need to upgrade soon after we start.

Plan Type: Free trial
Contact Limit: 100
Sending Limit: 100

Plan Type: Lite
$9 /mo. Paid Yearly
Contact Limit: 500-999

Lite Upgrade
$25 /mo. Paid Yearly
Contact Limit: 1000-2499

Pricing Page –


Sign up for the free trial then upgrade to the Lite plan

1. Enter your email and click “Start your free trial”. Follow the step-by-step wizard, adding your details.

When you reach “what other tools do you currently use?” click Skip.

You’ll receive a “complimentary call” email from ActiveCampaign, which you can ignore.

2. Now you need to give us access.

Click Settings>User and Groups and then the blue “Add a new user” button in the top-right corner.

Please enter the following…

First Name: Coach
Last Name: Creator
Password: Use anything, we’ll reset it, but remember what it is so you can send it to us.

Make sure Admin is selected and click Add user.

3. Please send us the user login details here

The Login address is in your browser, when you are logged into your account, e.g. https://*your_account*

If you have any problems please raise a Support Ticket Here